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Any South Asian will know exactly why and how India has become the Oral Cancer Capital in the World. One of the main catalysts behind this is gutka and its easy availability. It is smokeless flavoured tobacco and additives. This is an unbelievably cheap addictive product and almost 5 million kids have developed an addiction to this product. Thus, behind 90% of oral cancer cases in the country, Gutka is the only thing to blame. It is not just the kids but adults suffering from oral cancer due to dependency on Gutka and other tobacco addictive.

Smokeless Tobacco and Other Reasons Behind Oral Cancer   

If it were twenty years ago, you could have blamed HPV infection for around 10% of oral cancer in India. But, things have changed now, HPV infection is being detected in its early stages. But, the main issue becomes the lack of awareness among people.

Smokeless tobacco is the largest reason behind oral cancer in India, but other than this late diagnosis of HPV, sheesha, cigarettes, beedi and many other addictive.

Can Oral Cancer Be Cured in India?

A few years ago the survival rate of around 60% oral cancer was 5 years. But, the last few years have witnessed the percentage going up to 70 to 100 per cent, all thanks to the early detection, and better treatment processes.

It depends on which stage the oral cancer is detected. Cancer is curable no matter in which it is detected, this completely depends on proper treatment. This is the only rate to reduce the mortality rate in oral cancer.

Closing Thoughts

Better research, treatment methods, diagnosis, support and therapy makes oral cancer curable. Also, the government can try to impose heavy taxation on smokeless tobacco products. This can help in reducing the oral cancer rate in India.