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What better time to begin a healthy oral routine, not if March? Well, yes Oral Health Day is approaching, start taking care of your oral health! Taking care of your oral health can lessen the risk of several oral diseases. Needless to say, it helps to keep your teeth and gum healthy. Multiple processes involve in a perfect oral health care routine and oral self-examination is among them. 

Oral Cancer and Its Diagnosis

Oral cancer is among the very few types of cancer that can be controlled and cured in many cases. It can only be taken care of and cured if it is diagnosed early. This is because it develops in the anatomical part of the body. This increases the chances of early diagnosis. Any early diagnosis after any oral injury can lessen the magnitude of cancer risk.

Oral Self Examination

You do not have to head to a health care or diagnostic centre to check for your symptoms of oral cancer. You can choose to self-examine yourself. In this procedure, you can include checking your gums, lips, the frontal floor of your mouth, cheeks and other places that are easily visible to you.

This method includes nothing but thoroughly noticing every minute details of your mouth. You will only need a clear mirror and appropriate lighting. This procedure does not take more than seven minutes on average, hence can be added to your weekly or monthly health care routine.

There are some warning signs of cancer that you are maybe able to detect. These signs include sores, bumps, plaques, bleeding spots, red spots, pus, calluses and somewhat sored spots. Now is the crucial part, even if you find any of the spots no need to be panicked and get stressed. You must get an appointment to diagnose your symptoms of oral cancer.

Effectiveness of Oral Self Examination

It is regardless to say how easy and simple this observation or examination technique is. But, let’s talk about how effective this is. Cancer if diagnosed early increases the chances of getting cured – this is a known fact and this what oral self-examination helps with. It will reveal the symptoms of oral cancer if any. This will enable you to head to a doctor as soon as possible and get started with your cancer treatment.

Closing Thoughts

“Cancer is not curable” – is a fact of the past. Right diagnosis and treatment will help you to cure cancer. Thus, this Oral Health Day lets take a pledge to take care of your oral health and keep cancer miles away.